Getting started

How to setup your first project with GitFTP-Deploy.


Common questions about GitFTP-Deploy.

Export settings

Export settings to a new computer

SSH Passwordless login problems

Help to setup password-less logins.

GitFTP-Deploy with Jekyll

Options for settings up GitFTP-Deploy with a static site generator like Jekyll.

Whats new in GitFTP-Deploy 2.5

Sync folder and better progress.

Always upload

Files or folders that will always be uploaded, like files and directories, which are not under version control or not.

Git for FTP-deployments

FTP and SFTP are a very simple method as a deployment tool. Git is efficient and relatively easy to get started with so let’s combine these two.

Setting up password-less logins

Remote terminal commands cannot be automated if they are required to enter a password.


How to setup GitFTP-deploy


In version 2.0 of GitFTP-Deploy, you have the possibility of running scripts before and after deployments.

Sublime and GitFTP-Deploy workflow

For very fast uploads with Sublime and GitFTP-Deploy. This works well for smaller projects and sites.