What happens if I deploy from different computers?

GitFTP-Deploy is not designed as the centralized deployment tool. But the app will attempt to keep track of the last deployment and warn if you are about to deploy with a different branch or older commits.

What about Git submodules?

GitFTP-Deploy currently does not support submodules, at least yet.

Where is my settings?

All settings and sites are saved in a plist-file found at ~/Library/Preferences/se.eastwest.GitFTP-Deploy.plist. You can copy this file between your computers. More on syncing settings.

I found file .gitftpdeploy on my site. What is this, have I been hacked?

Most likely not, this is a file GitFTP-Deploy uses to keep track of the last deployment. GitFTP-Deploy will warn if somebody is about to deploy a more recent commit.

On how many computers can install GitFTP-Deploy with the same license

You can install GitFTP-Deploy on three computers at the same time. One a work, home and on your MacBook is just fine.

How do I “de-activate” a license from an old machine so I can use it on my new MacBook?

Send a request to [email protected], and I will fix that.

I think feature XYZ would be nice, what do you think?

Send a request to [email protected], and we will see what we can do.