In version 2.0 of GitFTP-Deploy, you have the possibility of running scripts before and after deployments.

Before File Uploads

Local – Terminal commands that run on your local machine before uploading of your files. Typically this can be any LESS, SASS, Gulp or Grunt compiling scripts.

The commands are based on the local path of your project and are run by /bin/bash. More shell options are coming in the feature.

The PATH for the commands is currently


If you need any more than this, you can add paths in Preferences. Note that you need to add a complete list of paths if you are entering one here.

Remote – Terminal commands executed on your deployment server. Note the path which can differ from server to server.

Remote scripts

Connection string – The URL and username for connecting to the remote server. Sometimes this can be different than the connection. You can specify custom ports with -p, but you cannot add a password since this is not unsupported by SSH.

For remote access, you need to set up password-less login. Running remote scripts and commands with SSH without password-less login is not even possible! Here is a guide on how to set up a password-less login on macOSX.

After file uploads

Commands are executed after files uploaded, like starting the site or do some spring cleaning. Works in the same way as Before uploads with the only difference that the GitFTP-Deploy runs the commands after file uploads.