SSH Passwordless login problems

Wrong format

Specifically, Mac OSX Mojave’s ssh-keygen will generate newer style OpenSSH key pairs by default. However, these keys may not be backward compatible. You can tell the kind of keypair you are generating by looking at the preamble of the private key file.

👍 Compatible


🚫 Not compatible


To create the older style PEM keypair which is compatible with GitFTP-Deploy, you have to generate the key with the following command.

ssh-keygen command: -m PEM

You can convert a newer style of OpenSSH key to PEM-format with this command:

ssh-keygen -p -m PEM -f ~/.ssh/<path-to-my-key>

Locked keychain

Your SSH-keys are not read directly by GitFTP-Deploy. Instead they are stored in the keychain. Pre-Sierra this was not a problem. But on newer versions of macOS this can cause problems if the keychain is locked. I am currently investigating this, meanwhile here are some workarounds.

Manually add key to keychain

ssh-add -K <key>

(it’s recommended to use absolute path of keys) call the command ssh-add -A on every startup of macOS.

mkdir ~/.ssh

Or create a SSH configuration

Create ~/.ssh/config

Add the following to the file

IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa
UseKeychain yes

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