Comparison chart

There are severals ways to accomplice git to FTP. One way is using a 3rd party SaaS which usually hosts your repositiories too. Another way is to use a local deployment like GitFTP-Deploy where everything happens on your computer. Depending on your team size you should choose a service that fits your needs.

This is comparing apples to oranges, but way give you a idea of the diffent options. Most SaaS charges between $8 - $15/month for 10 repositories. This can be expensive if you are mostly working on projects with clients that are not updated regularly.

  GitFTP-Deploy DeployHQ git-ftp FTPloy Springloops
Cost $25 £6/month Open source - $15/month
No. Projects Unlimited 10 Unlimited 1 10
GUI Yes Yes - Yes Yes
Support available Yes Yes - Yes Yes
Source code kept local Yes - Yes - -