Previewing Websites Without DNS

Sometimes, you may want to preview your newly deployed website before you update its DNS settings. The redirect of DNS can also take awhile to you want to make sure everything is working if you have moved to a new server. This can also be useful when you’re creating a brand new website, or want to test your name-based virtual hosting configuration or another DNS-related feature. By making the changes described below, you can test your new setup from your local computer without affecting global access to your domain’s current location.

Git Cheat Sheet

A Git cheat sheet saves you from learning all the commands by heart.

WordPress security myths

Here are some common WordPress security myths. Internet is full of bad tutorials, don’t waste time on those.

Guest post on CSSTricks

I wrote a guest post on CSS-Tricks. It’s a tutorial about GitFTP-Deploy and why you should use a VCS. Enjoy!

A short WordPress security checklist

Looking for an easy checklist of how to hardening security on your WordPress site without bloated plugins? Look no further. Here is an easy list without the extra fluff, based on my own experiences. I use it for myself when helping clients. The aim is to make your installation more secure than your neighbor. ;-)